The removal of manual labour has made it easier than ever to get your morning coffee. With a bean to cup machine you don’t have the hassle or risk involved in grinding beans and then extraction using an espresso pot on the stovetop, which is all many people were doing before these appliances came along.

Their eco-advantage over current machines is one reason why the popularity of these new capsule coffee makers has increased dramatically. Not only do they avoid plastic pods and recycling issues, but your grounds can easily be composted or used in gardens.

We were looking for the best bean-to-cup machines this year because we love our coffee, but not at the expense of losing most counter space in the kitchen. This is why small footprint design with all tech packed into it was important to us; similarly, they have always been on display so aesthetic had better match range styles too.

Avoiding a control panel is just one reason why we love our new water tank. The other? It’s easy to use! And when you’re struggling in the morning, having something simple and straightforward will make your life easier – no matter what kind of specialist tasks need to be completed or how much coffee was spilt last night at work while trying unsuccessfully to figure out where everything went wrong with these tanks before giving up around 9:30 am EST (2 hours after launch).

The third wave of the coffee revolution has opened up a world where you can enjoy an espresso in many different ways. We wanted our machine to be able to produce high-quality drinks and reflect this new trend, so we needed it to have the capability for customization options as well.

The output tone should also show excitement about these features

How we tested

We tested the quality of each coffee machine by making a variety of drinks, from espresso doppio purists to latte macchiato addicts. We went through every type so that we could see how consistent their coffees were whether they served an Americano or something more elaborate like Macchina Chios (a milk-based drink).

​The best bean To Cup Coffee Machines For 2022 Are:

Smeg Automatic Coffee Machine

Smeg espresso bean to cup coffee machines coffee maker delicious coffee maker cold coffee hot coffee automatic coffee machines

Best: Overall

Rating: 10/10

The design of this coffee machine is what really won our hearts. It has a compact and stylish look, which doesn’t take up too much room on your countertop–perfect for any kitchen! You can also easily access all the parts you need to make great-tasting drinks with responsive dials that let us adjust grounds according to taste preference or how strong we want them made (you know there are some days when I just need caffeine).

The take-home coffee machine from Bunn is Italian excellence. It’s as simple to use, produces excellent drinks, and has a rich history that dates back decades in America! With one push of your finger, you can have hot espresso or lungo ready for thirty seconds before adding milk at any time with the easy frother wand – perfect everyday style?

The Gaggia Anniversario is a great little machine for those who love espresso drinks but don’t like the high-pitched whizzing sound that comes with it. The adjustable nozzle allows you to make smaller or larger sizes depending on your mug size – no more spilling.

We never had to lift a finger when it came time for us (the machine) to do all of the work. The Smeg has this amazing self-cleaning feature where after each drink preparation, there’s an alarm telling you exactly how much cleaning needs to be done and then boom – only seconds later! It takes less than 3 minutes from start until the finish which really helps save energy in between uses because who wants their coffee maker doing more than necessary? This one was also very consistent across every type or size cup: rich espressos topped off with silky creams no matter what setting.

Siemens EQ.9 Plus Connect Coffee Maker

Siemens EQ.9 plus connect espresso bean to cup coffee machines coffee maker delicious coffee maker cold coffee hot coffee automatic coffee machines

Best: All-rounder

Rating: 10/10

The EQ.9 is a well-designed machine that allows its technology to be contained in an efficient footprint with a clear, colour touchscreen display allowing 12 different preparations including double espressos prepared by the device which have been designed for two separate shots so there’s no hint of bitterness at all.

16 different levels of coffee strength ranged from very mild to TripleShot strong, with the ratio milk-to-coffee customizable. This allowed us to make drinks smoother or cooler so we could enjoy them right away.

You can have a perfect cup of coffee in your kitchen when you want thanks to this amazing machine. It has an easy-to-use interface, and automated functions that make cleaning simple, and it’s fully connected so all the information on how much ground beans are left or what temperature setting would best suit YOUR needs will be at hand via our Home Connect app.

The ED.9 is the perfect machine for those who like to spice up their coffee game with some creativity, as it has dual hoppers that allow you to choose from any type of bean or roast and then grind them before brewing (or not!). But if one person wants something different than what another prefers; there are no worries because this automatic brewer caters well enough even when catering to multiple users. The EQ.9’s dual hoppers can be filled with different bean loads so that the user always gets their drink made from what they want, which is why it scores full marks from us.

DeLonghi Magnifica Evo

DeLonghi magnifica evo espresso bean to cup coffee machines coffee maker delicious coffee maker cold coffee hot coffee

Best: For milky coffees

Rating: 9/10

The Jura-Capresso S9 offers a high level of customization that will satisfy even the most demanding customer. It has seven preparing options: espresso, coffee & long black; doppio Americano; Long Black over ice – all selected through an easy-to-read color display with actual icons for each type you’re making so there’s no room left on your list.

The rich crema and ample espresso flavors are thanks to the machine’s dual shower head design. There’s further customization with a temperature setting, which was really useful if we were running late and wanted slightly colder coffee that wouldn’t have us waiting around in anticipation! And don’t forget about all those aroma options—you can choose between mild/medium or strong brews depending on your preference (or whatever level of caffeine kick works best for you).

The LatteCrema system is an excellent addition to any espresso machine. The milk textures according to the drink you’re making, so all that’s left for me to do now is add my coffee beans and water in determining quantities before pressing start.

Dualit Bean To Go Machine

Dualit bean to go machine espresso bean to cup coffee machines coffee maker delicious coffee maker cold coffee hot coffee

Best: Double shots

Rating: 8/10

Experts agree that a double espresso is the best way to start your day. The Dualit machine has five grind settings and extracts strong, smooth shots with no bitterness or wastefulness—and it can do this twice.

The Dualit 1420 is a great espresso machine that offers not only the standard three drink options (espresso, lungo, and macchiato) but also two others – stovetop kettle coffee and quick filter FULL extraction method. It’s easy to use with its speed mode for those who don’t want any pre-brewing process; we noticed no difference in quality when using this setting versus normal operation so it may be best suited for beginners or people looking specifically at their caffeine intake! Finally cleaning up after yourself has never been easier thanks to the auto flush function which flushes all removable parts into one dishwasher safe sink area instead of on individual compartments as seen before.

Jura Z10

Jura z10 espresso bean to cup coffee machines coffee maker delicious coffee maker cold coffee hot coffee automatic coffee machine

Best: For cold coffee

Rating: 10/10

This bean to cup machine has a sleek design and high-quality components. It’s made of aluminum, with an easy 4-inch touch screen that displays all ingredients as you prepare them for your drink – even though it’s big enough not to begrudge taking over any counter space.

The Z10 is a versatile appliance that can make espresso, cappuccino, and other specialty drinks as well as provide milk options for those who want their coffee without cream or milk. What makes this machine truly unique though? The ability to create cold brews using the Espresso Method – where water slowly flows through grounds at room temperature so you get an amazing flavor with no acidity! We tried it both ways: normal tap water output plus filtered version which has even more antioxidants because there’s less heat involved in creating them than what happens during boiling procedures.

The z10 is an all-inclusive coffee machine that does everything for you, from setting up the beans to brewing and frothing. With such a wide range of beverages, it would be hard not to have one in your home.

Sage Barista Touch Bean to Cup Cofee Machines

Sage barista touch espresso bean to cup coffee machines coffee maker delicious coffee maker cold coffee hot coffee automatic coffee machines

Best: For looks

Rating: 9/10

If you’re looking to take the fun out of making espresso, but still want an easy way like bean-to-cup then look no further than this touch machine. After selecting your coffee from its touchscreen interface and pressing “start,” it will deliver grounds straight into the portafilter so that when switched over onto the group head at the last stage there’s nothing more needed but yourself! This hybrid approach does away with all those tedious steps usually associated with grinding beans (like nowadays many people do), leaving only what really matters: seeing thick layers pouring slowly down as soon they reach their destination–your ready-made cups.

The possibilities of customizing your cup are endless with this machine. You can tweak the temperature and grind size to find out what’s perfect for you, so next time intelligible brew-time again! This was one of our fastest machines on test; warming up in no time at all makes getting caffeinated quickly as easy as pie (or should I say espresso?).

The machine has no problem making a range of beans sing and it produces rich, flavourful espressos. The specialty milk coffee drinks are more your thing? No worries because there’s plenty of room for that large jug on the sensor under its automatic steam wand to the texture then heat up so you can enjoy creamy foam with just enough light sweetness.

DeLonghi Dinamica Automatic Coffee Machine

DeLonghi Dinamica automatic coffee machine espresso bean to cup coffee machines coffee maker delicious coffee maker cold coffee hot coffee

Best: For cappuccinos

Rating: 8/10

The espresso machine won’t break your bank, but it’ll give you excellent drinks and longer coffees at the touch of a button. The quality was consistent across all our tests; two cups from different types can be made simultaneously with customizable settings like strength or flavor selection for each drink type!

The aroma setting on this machine allows you to customize further and all it took was a couple of pushes for the perfect drink.

The rich, dense froth that is produced by this milk system makes it perfect for cappuccino lovers. It’s also got an adjustable temperature setting so you can get either hotter or cooler drinks depending on your taste.

Gaggia Cadorna Barista Plus Coffee 

Gaggia cadorna barista plus espresso bean to cup coffee machines coffee maker delicious coffee maker cold coffee hot coffee

Best: For early risers

Rating: 9/10

The barista plus is the ideal machine for early risers who don’t want to wait until their morning coffee flavors have been diluted by other people’s plunger leaks and spilled condolences. With this awesome appliance, you can make pre-programmed ristretto shots as well as espresso or lungo drinks with just one button push! It also stores four additional user profiles so that each individual member of your family might enjoy different types throughout any given day–or even week if they’re lucky enough not to be addicted already.

It was easy to get the most out of your beans with a 10-setting grinder adjustment, and for darker roasts, we found that a higher setting really maximized flavor. The machine has three temperature levels, allowing you to customize your coffee. You can also choose how much water goes into the cup depending on what type of drink it is- Americano or espresso requires less whereas cappuccino needs more.

The special steam wand makes frothing easy without having too many angles at once so as not to be wise away from where we wanted them placed while using this product which other models have done before now due to their design flaws when making creams/sugars etc. This machine brews espresso with a crema layer that is clearly defined, rich and flavourful. It has the ability to add more water if needed so you can get an untainted cup of decaf by just adding enough grounds for your desired taste preference every time.

Gaggia Magenta Milk Coffee Maker

Gaggia magenta milk espresso bean to cup coffee machines coffee maker delicious coffee maker cold coffee hot coffee

Best: For milk-based coffee

Rating: 9/10

This machine brews espresso with a crema layer that is clearly defined, rich and flavourful. It has the ability to add more water if needed so you can get an untainted cup of decaf by just adding enough grounds for your desired taste preference every time.

The interactive menu on the third screen allows you to customize your coffee by choosing from espresso, cappuccino, or ristretto with five different settings for grind size and temperature. The crema (rich layer) was clearly defined in every cup we ordered while flavor profiles came through very strongly as well.

Miele CM 5310 Silence

Miele CM 5310 silence espresso bean to cup coffee machines coffee maker delicious coffee maker cold coffee hot coffee automatic coffee machines

Best: For dinner parties

Rating: 9/10

With the espresso maker able to grind between 6-14 grams of coffee you can choose how strong and long your drink will be. The crema was a good color, without any bitterness in taste or aftertaste that many other machines tend towards producing when they’re pushed too far beyond their limits during the brewing time.

The Keurig K55 is a great choice if you want to enjoy your favorite morning drink at home. It can make two servings of coffee or tea in one pot, and there’s also an option that will brew up several cups all at once so everyone has plenty.

Bean To Cup Coffee Machine FAQs

What is a bean-to-cup coffee machine?

The infusion of technology into our daily lives is changing the way we live. One such change involves grinding whole coffee beans on demand to produce a range of espresso-based drinks at the touch screen before you drink it, preserving all those rich flavors and aromas that are otherwise lost when brewing with pod machines or manual methods.

How do they work?

There are many different types of machines that can make espresso drinks. The most popular one is the bean-to-cup machine, which has an inbuilt grinder and warms water for your shot using hot plates or microwaves before pumping it through fine grinds to deliver you with a freshly brewed cappuccino within minutes.

What features to look for?

The best coffee machine is one that suits your needs. If you’re tight on space then consider how many people will use it and what their preferences are before making any purchases, like if they want multi-cup functionality or memory settings for their favourite drink(es).

The type of coffee you drink may determine which kind is best for your needs. If it’s only occasional, then opt for something that doesn’t require much maintenance or cleaning up since these tasks can be time-consuming when they don’t have an automatic option like on most machines where the pods just need filling with water and introduction into each individual cup – but if this will result in more loss than gain due solely from consumed brews being wasted because there isn’t enough room left over after brewing (as often happens). Makers who consume several cups daily should take care not only about having storage solutions suited to their tastes alongside easy-to rinse off plates/trays etc.

Are bean-to-cup coffee machines easy to clean?

Pure Coffee Machines are very easy to clean, requiring you manually clear the coffee grinds from a removable panel and usually run descaling or cleaning programs when prompted. Milk pipe machines mean some more manual work is required as well but there’s also an automatic program available on some models that can take care of this for us.

How should you store beans to keep them fresh?

Coffee beans are perishable, so you need to be careful about how long they stay fresh. The best way is by buying in larger quantities and keeping them stored properly; otherwise, the oils will evaporate away which ruins the flavor. Be sure only enough survive for use each time before adding more onto your machine’s hopper or filters because too much exposure can make everything taste bitter- never great when brewing an expensive cup o’ joe

The verdict: Bean-to-cup coffee machines

The Smeg automatic coffee machine does what most people only dream of – creating a personalized, high-quality espresso without sacrificing ease or function. In its place, you’ll have an attractive and efficient device that will keep your wakeup cupboards stocked all day long.

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