Imagine your favorite ice cream without all the fat, sugar and artificial flavors – now you can have a guilt-free version with fruit! The Fruitify Ice Cream Maker instantly transforms frozen ripe fruits into soft serve or sorbet to satisfy even the sweet tooths that crave something special.

Fruitify Ice Cream Maker

Never worry about your sweet tooth again with this easy-to-use, Clean and Healthy Dessert maker! No More Sugars? No Preservatives!? You got it. It’s time to stop sacrificing taste for health when you can have both in one delicious dish served up by the most fun appliance ever created just minutes after using our KitchenAid Mixer Cover that comes equipped with fifty different recipes including ones like: “Fried Ice Cream,”decadent brownie bite cookies” or even better yet–something new each day 😉

“I have been making my own healthy, fast ice cream for weeks now and I can’t believe how easy it is to clean all the parts of this blender. My favorite part about fruitify? The high tech design that makes me feel like a pro in no time at all!”


What if there was an easy way to eat healthier and have better tasting desserts?

What’s even better is that it will be sugar-free! So no more worrying about your sweet tooth. All you need are some natural ingredients like almond milk, fruit puree (whatever kind tastes good), vanilla extract or sprinkle in cinnamon for added flavor – the corporated into one bowl by mixing until creamy smooth perfection!! These healthy dessert recipes can also double as lunch bowls too which makes them perfect any time of day

With the press of a button, you can have your favorite ingredients transformed into an incredibly smooth and creamy concoction. Just serve it up immediately!

Get creative with your favorite fruits and vegetables to make a variety of delicious frozen treats! You can use bananas, mango avocados, peanut butter strawberries, blueberries, raspberry blackberry passion fruit cherries, crushed cookies, chocolate chip sprinkles etc.

About This Ice Cream Maker


With just a few minutes of your time, you can easily turn any frozen fruit into an icy treat without the added fat or sugar. It’s easy!


The perfect low carb, high-fat treat is just a click away! With 72 recipes included or you can use your creativity and make unique desserts like pies parfaits & sorbet.


The durable stainless steel construction makes this dishwasher safe part easy to clean after use. The bases are top rack and can go in any type of refrigerator or microwave without worrying about scratching the surface!


Make enough for the whole family to enjoy!


We’re so confident in our products that we offer a one year limited defective coverage. And every piece is BPA free for your peace of mind!


The Fruitify Ice Cream Maker is the perfect appliance for making guilt-free ice cream at home. With just a few simple ingredients, you can make your favorite flavors of soft serve or sorbet in minutes! This appliance is also dishwasher safe and easy to use, so it’s perfect for any kitchen.
-The best part about the Fruitify Ice Cream Maker is that it allows you to enjoy your favorite sweet treats without all the added fat, sugar and artificial flavors. You can customize your own recipes with fresh or frozen fruit, or choose from one of the many delicious pre-made recipes available online. Whether you’re looking for something special to satisfy your sweet tooth or want a healthier dessert option for your family.

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